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Lee Pace is an exceptional actor. He’s really great. He’s awesome to watch. I mean, he’s a Julliard-trained professional. He’s not faking it like I am. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s amazing to watch."

Chris Pratt on Lee Pace as an actor 

(source: here around 2:20)

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Anna Friel with Lee Pace and Richard Armitage at Richard’s play The Crucible via

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2014 8/13 Lee Pace: Hey thanks for watching #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy and checking  out #H&CF… You guys are the best. XLP (X)


2014 8/13 Lee Pace: Hey thanks for watching #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy and checking  out #H&CF… You guys are the best. XLP (X)

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Okay so last night we went to see the Crucible at the Old Vic with my best friend (makirenton). We were waiting for the play to start when suddenly she grabbed my hand and announced with panic in her eyes that Lee Pace is here - he was walking to his seat.

During the break we met him at the bar. He seemed quite surprised and nervous, he didn’t want to sign anything. However, he was really sweet and dreamy and supertall.
At the end of the show, he was the first one to stand up for the standing ovation, that was really cute.
We didn’t meet him later anymore, I guess he was backstage with Richard and left quite late.

Oh yeah and the play was impressive, go see it if you’re in London.

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Guardians of the Galaxy's Lee Pace hangs out backstage at Late Night.


Guardians of the Galaxy's Lee Pace hangs out backstage at Late Night.

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THE HOBBIT Cast Shares Last Laughs & First Kisses at Comic-Con!

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Lee Pace behind the scenes of Guardians of the Galaxy 

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Lee Pace at the Hobbit panel SDCC

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Caroline Dhavernas, Lee Pace, and Bryan Fuller on the set of Wonderfalls.

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EW’s Pop Culture Personality Test

Lee Pace recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly, giving answers to their traditional interview segment: the Pop Culture Personality Test. This is usually a fun segment, where questions like “what song do you sing in the shower?” are asked. In Lee’s case, he answered the following: his first celebrity crush (he even wrote a letter!), how he planned his life growing up, the first album he was obsessed with, and what sex scene he’s rewound (a lot).

Check out his answers in the video above, or read in an excerpt below:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Who was your first celebrity crush?

Punky Brewster. I actually wrote her a letter. I wrote her a letter saying, “Hey, my name is Lee Pace, and, uh, I think we’d have a lot in common.” [laughs] It was like a whole thing, and I sent it off, and I was waiting’ for a reply, but she never sent it. Probably got lost in the mail.

What TV show did you plan your life around growing up?

When I would come home from junior high school, me and my sister would watch back-to-back episode of “Sanford and Son.” It was on at, like, five o’clock, six o’clock, and we would sit there on the floor of my parents’ bedroom, and do our homework, and watch “Sanford and Son.”

What was the first album you were obsessed with?

The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff. I remember the cassette — I bought it at Walmart. And I listened to it a thousand times — a thousand times. “Parents Just Don’t Understand…” I danced to it by myself.

What movie sex scene have you rewound… a lot?
Team America. It’s like the best sex scene ever. That was in the X-rated [version]? Was that ever in theaters? I think it was just at home, on the DVD. We watched it over and over again… and then tried to recreate it. I’m kidding, I’m kidding.

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Complex: Lee Pace is Too Busy for Games

There is a new interview featuring Lee Pace, courtesy of Complex. While the main subject revolves mostly around AMC’s “Halt And Catch Fire” – what with the season one finale airing Sunday night – there’s also discussion of a few other projects. Namely, Lee once again talks about acting as Joe Macmillan versus a character like Ronan (as soon in Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy). Check out an excerpt below:

Is it fun for you to go back and forth from blockbuster like Guardians to a show where you’re doing a lot of character-based work?
I feel very fortunate to have that, very, very lucky because just for that reason. The characters are so different, the approach for the characters is so different. It’s not just about different people, it’s about a different way of working that I find very interesting, that I think I’ve had the good fortune to do. So, yeah, I love it!

Do you tend to gravitate toward characters you can see yourself in, or that are totally removed from how you think of yourself? Did you identify with Joe at all?
Like I said, it’s different ways of working. I never expected Joe to be, in a way, as close to me as he turned out to be, you know what I mean? When I read the beginning stuff, when I read the pilot and stuff, I didn’t think he was like me at all. But when I watched it back, when I watched what we had shot, I did feel like, “Oh, I understand that. I understand trying to walk into a new situation, starting a new endeavor, and maybe trying to be someone that you’re not. I get that.” I understand having a hard time connecting with someone that you care about deeply, and possibly losing them, and these are all things that Joe is going through.

I’m sorry, I kind of veered off away from your question, but I kind of do think… I don’t know, I like them both. They’re just different, very different. I’m definitely surprised at how much like me he is, and especially in this last episode. I mean I’m actor [laughs]; other characters, like Ronan, are about being something that’s not even human. But with a character like Joe, it’s a real study in humanity, and authenticity, and that’s the opportunity and that’s the important part, is to allow that authenticity in.


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Lee Answers “People Chatter” Questions

Lee Pace recently sat down with People for a short, fun interview — promoting both Guardians Of The Galaxy and “Halt And Catch Fire” in the process. In the segment called “People Chatter,” Lee had 60 seconds to answer give questions: the craziest stunt he’s ever done, his 80s jam, how he grooms his “fantastic eyebrows,” what he thinks Ned and Chuck would be up to in a “Pushing Daisies” reunion, and whether Ronan or Thranduil had a more uncomfortable costume. Check out the video above.

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